Autumn Day

Written by: Janette Fisher

Darkened skies 
That cloaks the night, slowly fade away
And the melodic songs of birds, are heard
Heralding a bright new day
As the earth begins to feel the warmth
Of a sultry, soft sun’s heat
Morning mists envelop the ground
Like a pure white silken sheet
From beneath the shroud, rustling is heard
As small creatures leave their lairs
Scurrying around, on their hunt for food
That will be their winter fayre

Berries, nuts and soft ripe fruit
Abundant on bushes and trees
Will be harvested and stored away
To sustain through winter’s freeze

Dawn’s crisp frost begins to melt
And a tapestry of colour is seen
Of lustrous reds, orange, yellows and gold
As nature changes from summer’s green

There’s a nip in the air,
A chill in the breeze, rustling through the trees
Creating a kaleidoscope snowstorm
Of gently falling leaves

Treading majestically through the leaves
Is a magnificent, male, red deer
His melancholy, soulful, mating call
Tells that rutting time is here

It echoes to the river, where a hint of a splash 
Forms rings, as the salmon rise
And from their homes in the bank, sand martins dart 
To feast on insects and flies

While across in the meadow, profuse with blooms
Rabbits and field mice run free
As butterflies dance from flower to flower
To the drone of bumble bees

And in a patchwork landscape of fertile fields
Both sheep and cattle laze
Sleepy, from having eaten their fill
Of the lush, fecund, grass they graze

As I take a stroll through these idyllic scenes
It leaves me breathless, with no words to say
On how anything can ever, be compared
To the beauty of an autumn day.