Agent Arkansas 90766 BETA (Part 4)

Written by: Ryan Emerald

[90766 Log 004]

7/18     20:15

[recored audio]
Nate-- see you on the other side.
Agent-- See you later little bro.
(air let out from the Air-Tight pilot cabin)
BETA-- Multiple hostile forces are in the area
Agent-- What? That's not possible-
Agent-- Nate! Get the hell out of here.
(return fire)
Agent-- Go! Go! Go!
(engine sounds)
Nate (over loudspeaker)-- We have takeoff.
Good luck out there.
(gunfire stops)
BETA-- Those are gunmen for the Association: Rank 2
Agent-- Why are they here? New Athens is a Federation
city not an Association city.
BETA-- Records indicate a successful Associate siege.
Agent-- So we just walked into an Associate city and 
killed two gunmen.
BETA-- Correct.
Agent-- ...And our only way out just left.
BETA-- Correct.
Agent-- O.K. I'm going to need more than this pistol.
BETA-- There was a Federation barracks half a 
kilometer from here. I'm not sure if it's still there.
Agent-- It's better than nothing...