My Love for You

Written by: Felipe Vasquez

Look at the stars, look at the moon
Look at the oh so radiant sky
Look at the clouds, as they pass by
Only makes you wish you could fly
So you may touch the clouds,
Visit the moon, catch a star
But to see your face
I don’t have to go so far…
You are my moon, my star
My oh so radiant sky
My mesmerizing cloud
So I don’t have to fly…
No reason to have wings
For I have reached my destination
Your heart is now my home
All your love is my fascination.

Being by your side is my dream come true
My heaven on earth
You are my breath every morning
I can’t describe how much you’re worth
How much you really mean to me
How much I love you, inside out
Of how much I care about you
I have no doubt!
You are my inspiration
My muse when I’m writing
For when I think of you
Words are always inviting…

I don’t ever want to lose you
For that would be the end of me
But I have all faith…
That we were destined to be…
And that is my reality!