Written by: Thvia Stein

Oh kelpie with your dripping mane
seducing valiant men of heart,
who by your spell would all be swain 
and every sense in them, depart.

Why weep you by the loch and tide?
What brought you from your kelpie depth?
Sure no desire is kept aside
from your cold, illusory breath. 

No longer do you haunt the bank,
but mourn a clever witch of wile
from whose enchanted cup you drank,
now captive to her charm and guile.

She'll bid you work a hundred years
in slavery chains for nigh
'til kelpie legend disappears 
for proper penance, hue and cry.

*In Scottish folklore, a kelpie is a malevolent water spirit in the form of a horse.
Kelpies were believed to inhabit lochs and rivers, and to lure men to their watery graves
by transforming into beautiful women, once drowned the kelpie would then eat the victim. 
The kelpie of this poem was the victim of a love enchantment, eagerly agreeing to a
lovesick life of slavery for penance of past misdeeds.  Ha, whoever heard of a repentant, lovesick kelpie?