Written by: SYLVIA Coulstock

Soft and gentle. Tenderly kissing Cheeks and hair. Vieing with the ardour Of the noon day sun To cool the sweated brow. Playful,teasing, Impudently tugging. Breezing along rooftops, Rattling doors and windows. Prying into every nook and cranny. Inquisitive,mischievous Restless and free. Darting through trees With animated chatter. Swaggering through cornfields With cocky gait, Or just drifting with clouds Along a lazy sky... Yet in demonic mood. Unleashing it's tantrum Upon the earth Nature's unruly Petulant child, Thrashing, uprooting, Creating havoc. A tornado of energy With devastation In its wake. Inciting seas With sweeping agitation, Hustling storm clouds Along a black leaden sky. Malevolent, threatening Wearing a mantle of destruction, And conjuring up a storm With a howl of derisive glee... Then when fury is spent Once again still,calm. The merest whisper.. Fanning the landscape With soothing breath. And caressing the earth With a peaceful sigh.