Defintions 2

Written by: Johnny Pyro

"The major limitation or advantage in life is not the mind or brain it is the choice-decision-belief"

"Learning is the ability to put aside your own way of doing things in order to learn other ways of doing things and then making comparison to find the best way of doing things"

Team: The power of a team is the sum total of relevant contributions/opinions made,
considered, suggested, (noted, formatted, edited, adjusted, updated, adapted, corrected, simplified, magnified, explored, analyzed) researched, utilized and presented by the/ as a team.

“The after-effect of music is dance”

“Dance is a form of movement-pace that the sound-music-rhythm display-initiate-stimulates-sets-follows-reflects-suggests”

Original Poetry is the “description/mimicry of sounds, colors, paintings-images-pictures and nature” that creates emotions.

Poetry is the translation and transcription of things into words that depict the things transcribed and translated.