Tracks to Infinity

Written by: Melody Coster

Standing alone upon the railroad tracks
 silence surrounds me
looking to the left down the tracks
 I see the mountains in the far off distance
 and ponder, for a second, their existence
looking to the right down the tracks
 I see the flatlands stretching into infinity
 and marvel at the great espanse open before me.

Placing my hand upon the cold hardened steel
 of the track I feel nothing
yet in the eerie silence I listen, believing I hear
 the shrill whislte
of a train fast apporaching upon me
 yet none could be seen.

Within my mind I perceive it to be
 the ghose of one of many trains
that have traveled these same tracks
 in times distant past and present.

Where once many proud trains
 had crossed this great land
miles of track now lay forgotten/desolate
 mute testimony to their once might grandeur
a part of this great nation
 perhaps lost forever to the ages.