Days Of Thanksgiving In Retrospect

Written by: Gwen Schutz

I am thankful in retrospect,
For the blessings on this God given Earth.

To have transcended to a planetary space and returned,
God's blessings continue.

The autumn days and nights,
Forever a beautiful memory.

Walks amongst the pines and maples,
The beauty of nature surrounds us.

A scampering squirrel gray or black,
Exquisite blue jays, with spread wings,

Sounds of Nature.
A Thanksgiving cornucopia,

Filled with fresh fruits,
Placed on a Thanksgiving table.

Shared with relatives and companions,
Delicous foods prepared for this day.

Days of living with excellence,
Thankful to a forever cxaring God.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz