Rescue Me

Written by: Sharon Tideswell

Filtered through the mists of dream,
sound broke my reverie.
“Hello” he slurred “I’m drunk I am,
will you please come for me”
In semi-dark, and close to sleep,
I’d dress to do the run
to rescue back my loved one,
now he’d had his night of fun.

So vulnerable & childlike,
his form came into view.
I’d watch him, swaying as he walked,
my love for him just grew.
Bruised from the game, kebab in hand,
he’d climb into my car,
with drunken gaze he’d look across
and say “you’re ace you are!”

As I look back with fondness,
I feel now as I felt then.
How I wish, with all my heart,
it could all begin again.
But those times are gone, those calls have ceased,
how unfair life can be;
having given all my love to him,
he’s not there to rescue me. 

February 2008 - one of the first poems I wrote when emotions were still raw from a broken