Dearest of dear.....

Written by: sarah hales

As I turn a cycle Autumn falls
Where the trees stand so tall
There handsome brances now lay naked
There leaves dropped there crispness forsaken

     Children run through the path 
       bedded grounded leaves
                 For oh they please.....

A pleasing sight to any eye
Colours of richness like the mind on fire
Deepest red ,golden gold,cats eyes of green
Shades of delight under the moonlight
Even sets passion to all senses

        The stolen perfume
              That smells like blossom to bloom
                        Its tones would decorate any room......

Out with the old in with the new 
Swept grounds making way for two
We dream of spring its sparkle may bring
Even the baby birds will sing
Freshness from stalemate
A new beginning of natures fate
         The path way clear to clear
             Its journey long but so near
                but so ready to appear of dearest of dear......