An old man was driving down the country road ( Hilarious )

Written by: Dean Masciarelli

An old man was driving down the country road

Written By Dean Masciarelli

October 1, 2010 (11:55am)

An old man was driving 
down the country road

And while he was driving 

He noticed that there was a police 
officer up ahead
that was sitting on the side of the road

And he knew that he was going 
a little 
over the recommended speed 

And as he passed by 
the officer 
got right behind him

And then he followed 
down the winding road 

And that’s when the old man could see something 
in his rear view mirror 
and he noticed that the officers head light was dead

So he did what any good citizen would do and  he flagged 
the officer down
just to let him know that his head light had gone dead

And when the officer got out of his car the old man told the officer
with a big smile on his face that he is only going to give him a warning
this time around because every now and then everyone deserves a 
good deed 

And that’s when the officer smiled and went to the front  
of his 
car just to see if the old man was just trying to pull his leg

And when the officer returned he told the old man that this was 
the first time
that he has ever had a citizen that had pulled him over instead

And they both laughed about it for a moment or two and 
the officer said thank you and then they both got back 
in there cars and they headed back down the country road

(This is a true story)

It just goes to show you that sometimes good deeds don't go unnoticed because they are appreciated.