Where Do I Belong

Written by: Maggie Mae McAfee

How does one cope with the feeling
that no matter where you are in your life,
your everyday happenings come and go.
You just don't feel that you completely
belong anywhere or to anyone.

You sit and watch others with emptiness
in your heart and soul, with sadness
overflowing your thoughts and feelings.
You somehow manage to smile gracefully
knowing you don't belong in their world.

The longing that comes from deep within
stays hidden behind your smiling eyes.
For the feeling of envy is never an issue,
that feeling is named as a deadly sin.
All you have is a smoldering pain inside.

You strive to do well by others craving
their acceptance into their lovely lives.
Sometimes you are granted a small glimpse
of how you would want your life to be.
Knowing deep inside you just don't belong.

A ray of happiness shines down ever so 
rarely as to tease you with it's glow.
You reach out and grasp all that you can 
and still it slowly slips away and fades.
You wonder where you were meant to be.

Where did you go so wrong to be so alone?
A question that is pondered over and
over inside the depths of your mind.
You try and hide these feelings of silent
yearnings with smiles and actions of good.

When will you have that life you have
been craving for all these lonely years?
You struggle as the anticipation is
practically smothering your every breath.
Hope is all you are left with..so breathe deep.