Inspired to write- Written 16th January 2009

Written by: Daniela Bradea

It is an interesting thing, to look back on the old.
Seeing places you’ve been to and visiting memories you still hold.
Old feelings you had and fights which sucked bad.
Old friends who were once new;
And the obstacles you had to push through.
But in the end, it was still you.

Looking back at how people sadly change,
And how far others came; is sure a factor of range.
It’s too late to change it, when it’s now in the past.
And it’s too early to wish, that your life went more fast.
For every moment built up to make something,
And every word was significant in the end.
You may not know it, you may not see now.
But your prayers may have been answered somehow.

You plant a seed here, you water one there.
They may not realise it then, but you truly did care.
You don’t know how much it meant till life is over, however,
Cos everyday a miracle happens, due to what you did yesterday.
So never say never just because life’s clouded in the valley of dismay.
Take a chance, follow a risk.
Live life to the full, 
Or else the point of life itself is what you’ve missed.
And you’ll regret being such a tool.