To be

Written by: sarah hales

To be me is a feeling to be free to be me 
A moment of silence with no audience
I run through the hills in mind
I am covered from the midnight stars
I have even lived a life to be made to beg and to be on my knees
To say sorry within every bad word that was whispered to me 
I have painted a smile just to save the day 
Life has taught me much some good some not so good
I have watched birth and the beauty of what it brings 
I have seen and felt death of which your heart turns to pain
The loss still hard to bare it only brings my eyes to tears
Even thought my mind was being driven insaine
But always kept the spirit of who I am to be true
I see myself in many ways throughout the day
I laugh and I feel desire even admire my soul never to let go
You can taunt me you can beat me you can even tell lies 
But you will not own me for my mind is mine alone
As a mother I love with endless time
As a partner I will love and honour my mate
But most of all I will love till my dying day
As my soul has no controlling hate ....