Gliding on the light of Beauty

Written by: Jayne Eggins

bagpipes started singing
of her Amazing Grace,
flowers started dancing
the twinkle on her face 

feeble are some steps
but with unflinching pride
she picks up her head
and the lift in her stride 

sweeping past her subjects
the moriahs drift her wake,
the beauty in her heart 
breaks my breast to ache 

with a kaleidoscope for eyes
she sees through to other worlds,
to the mosses of the leaves
and the shells within their pearls 

rocks and anicent relics 
hyroglif this scrolling mind,
in the letters from her heart
a life's mystery is defined 

my Angel from the north
plays on the northern lights,
and I can always smile 
as she reaches dizzying heights 

shining in the stars 
when they turn to light my sky,
is message to my spirit  
to always remember I can fly 

for Ann a true inspiration ...on the occasion of her 70th Birthday ... lol sorry for the confusion