My Mother, My Pearl


God blessed the world with a precious gem. My mother my pearl the woman of my world. A 
fine gem it was to bless the lady that i love. A Love so fine, a love so devine, A love that 
leaves no one behind. God blessed the world with lots of special pearls. God gave me the 
pearl that changed my world; to hold near and dear till my heart shows no fear. My mother, 
my pearl the light of my world. For when it is dark the thought of my mother with god will 
brighten my heart and brightens my day, it will make all that pain go away. Lord, shine on 
my mother, my pearl, For one day i will see my pearl in God's world. Continue to sleep, for 
one day my life will be at peace. Shine on the world to let everyone know the beauty of my 
mother, my pearl.