like Shakespeare

Written by: haruka .....

She was left alone

Standing in the rain

Even though it’s not shown

She’s filled with nothing but pain.


He was supposed to be with her

They were supposed to have a date

He was going to propose to her

But he couldn’t escape his fate.


What’s she to do now?

He was her everything

To him, she made a vow

In her heart, he’s the only king.


He did everything for her

Not caring if their parents opposed

He just wants to be with her forever

To other girls, his heart is closed


Her life began because of him

She just realized life’s neither fair nor fun

How to go on without him?

what now that he's gone?


His memories started with her

But it ended in just a flash

What of now and forever?

He only left her heart a gash


They both loved each other deeply

What will happen now that they’re not together?

An obvious answer came to me

Juliet would immediately go after Romeo.?