Like Ripened Fruit

Written by: Chuck Keys

Like Ripened Fruit
                                   Authored by Chuck Keys

Where is my next stop?
I look but cannot find,
Forever seeking unfulfilled dreams, 
Of ... yesterday,
A falling tree in the forest,
Can it be heard?
And it's echo?
Yonder calls me,
Where days of endless youth move on.

I walk selflessly through moments to be,
Disdained and distanced from what was mine,
As the foliage turns to colors,
I miss what never was but want more,
Pick the fruit before it ripens,
Watch the tide come in, effortlessly,
Rain drops bring life and darkness,
When time will pass us by,
Oh time, Oh me, Oh freedom that is.

I have not tasted enough,
Like a lake to be bedded down for winter,
The birds head south, driven and free,
Endless ageless tears disappointed,
I want so much more, where and when,
Will it be?
When will it be for me ... if ever?