Rights of Manhood

Written by: David deHaas

As my bowls moved from one solitude to an other, my thoughts resonated to a topic of most
prolific discussion. The rights of man came into light, true nature being expressed
through the passion of my exercise. My vision lay upon the world is a sight to be seen.
Utopian fields of grass and shade from the trees, church houses cornering every abode,
people passing one an other in joyful delight.

But as the pain of pressure killed my fantasy and reality lay in front of my eyes, a
system of government and order contemplated my cerebrum window.
Knowing that not all individuals act accordingly to civilized society, that some must be
enforced, and others must be eliminated. Perfection is a word that might as well not
exist, for it is just part of a child's wild imagination.
The tissue softly caressed my forbidden garden as the dream of happiness escaped through a
dark tunnel of solitude, as the waste of the masses journeys on a journey through the vast
unknown underneath our very feet.