Cheney's Anthem

Written by: Wayne Sapp

Stern resolve, your oratory, spins a patriotic story
with strong, courageous, macho talk, somewhat at odds with how you walk.
A call to arms five times deferred; it was the option you preferred,
requiring someone BRAVE to face the chance of dieing in your place.

History shows you chose to go and pad your vast portfolio
collecting governmental fees from "Bean and Bullet" industries.
During 'Nam you chose to cower, money fueled your rise to power.
For lobbyists; the perfect slut.  The coat tails of an idiot.

And now, with war, you've time to spend; picked up a gun and shot a friend.
Happy now; real men to lead, as long as there's no chance you'll bleed.
Off to Iraq, you've had your say, from one full continent away,
bravely practice your vocation, from an undisclosed location.

He does his leading from the rear, this man of action in the mirror,
To glory's beach verbosely storm, without that risky uniform.
A warrior, leader, wanna-be, the Chairborne ranger infantry.
A daffodil, its color fades, when placed between his shoulder blades.