The Einstein's Prize

Written by: ROHINI GUPTA

                     Although the scientists, proved brilliant and bright

                     Some of their findings,were difficult to prove right

                              Out of the greatest , there have been

                              Was the physicist, Albert Einstein

                     When the scientific world, was full of creativity                                                                                                                                 
                     He baffled them all, with his theory of relativity 

                     It is difficult to find one, to match his class

                      He gave the relation, of energy with mass

                      As he could hear, the atomic clocks chime

                      He wisely utilized, the dimensions of time

                      He worked against odds, as he had foresight

                      And his ideas traveled,  faster than the light

                     Oh! such massive ideas, further need to arise

                     So institute in his honor, the greatest of prize