Real Men

Written by: Yolaine Armitage

Real Men do have all the nicest qualities of being a man,
Real Men do have what it takes to become strong and stand!
Real Men do have patience when all is too much to say,
And Real Men, can say "I love you'' , forever and today!

Real Men don't  say words like "sexy", or words that abuse,
Real Men don't  let their anger out on having a short fuse!
Real Men don't ask for favors when times are bad,
But, Real Men do nice things and doesn't get mad!

Real Men say words of appreciation to a women who loves too,
Real Men believes in the Lord, he knows that God is here with you! 
Real Men romances life as though he has everything to give,
And Real Men, never says hurtful words, to become a man who lives!