Love Conquors All

Written by: Raquel Rezendes

I sit here on the beach today
trying to sort my frazzled brain
watching the tide come and go
thinking of tomorrow as never more

I sit here on the rocks
thinking things through
Trying to decide in life
what the heck should I do

Sorting out my issues
My problems in views
Wondering how did I end up
With someone as special as you

You see, Ive been hurt
For as long as I can remember
I've been beatened and bruised
Strangled and raped, all types of weather

I see myself in a wall of lonelyness
I see myself closed up within
Trying to decide what to do
Trying to accept the love from you

But then you came to me
With that smile ever so bright
You came to me
With love mightier then mine

You wrapped your arms around me
wrapped them ever so tight
Promising me that you'll never
Let me out of your sight

I feel my wall shaking
My feelings rush through me in ripples
My wall begins to brake
From love pure and simple

Tears begin to flow down my face
You wipe them away 
with the stroke of your hand
While holding me in warm embrace

I look out into the ocean
sitting on this beach
feeling love not hate
come deep within me

I tighten your embrace
with my arms wrapped around you
I see it in your eyes
Your love is pure and true

I fall for you deeply
We've known it all along
We were ment to be together
Love conquors all