When Still Waters Rest

Written by: Jayne Eggins

in the sweet-water 
of the dreamtime,
I wade with slow
easy steps  

it is a waning light
of hope, that illuminates 
a compendium in dreams 
written as my heart 
beats out the ink 

from conception, 
this story was confused 
in death and life 

And I hang 
over the edge of tsunami 
and I balance on pinewood, 

the waters flow is stilled 
but beats to the heart 
of my dreams, 
and the moons turn 
forever lifts my head
and my spirit, 
past the firmament 

I am a child of darkness
cocooned in the light,
with the Kaleidoscope 
of life and dreams
still writing, 

until this pen 
in the hand of my heart,
is silenced and at rest