Written by: LINDA DONKEL

Tears falling gently on my chin like raindrops dripping off a leaf.
They are salt and warm, and cause me pain.
My heart feels as if it will break in two as if it is a tornado ripping through the trees. 
Uprooting everything that lives, Leaving all desolate.
I feel as if I should be dead, but this pain tells me I am not.

Tears falling like little rivers, flowing from my chin to my breasts
Feeling  as if I am floating, becoming one with the river of pain
Sobs are dying, becoming sighs like a breeze in the trees
Going from pain to desolation and soon to resignation.

Tears are as an ointment for our souls
Softening and cleansing, healing , making all whole.
Out of our tears we emerge as a phoenix, reborn.
Through our tears we rejoice, because if we feel we exist
And if we exist we live.