Writer's Block

Written by: Samir Georges

Birthed in the womb of my thoughts
A bird of stone carvings, written secrets and envied flight
Heavy stone sinks through my head;
Chained hands, limited grasp, surge forward to catch you
Links snap taught and brush your elusive wings 
Yet you escape, and plummet
Roving eyes swivel upwards to see you soaring down 
Lidless, ever glaring, they lock onto your secret carvings
But too fast, you shoot past their gluttonous prying
And down through a troubled canal
You battle against the sighing breaths that send you upwards
A wordless plight for expression
But rock wings beat through the oppressive heaves
Unexpressed, to fall down into the pit of my stomach
 and forever disturb my waking muses,
Another block of words unwritten.