her trail

Written by: adzemye moye

I followed her foot trail
I followed her ghost tail
Through the dark misty hill
In a cold winter night
Where her mystery waits still
In the black hands of night

I took her cold ghostly hand
Soft like the slippery quicksand
And slowly lead her to a place
Where a light can shine on her face
Where a whispery tundra wind
Could softly whisper and sing
To serve us a quiet dance
Only the winter moon can glance

So softly I whispered my thought
Soothing words to fill a trough
Hoping to calm her beating heart
To open me a path in her heart
Where I can gleam a trail
Of beauty in its detail

And I wished she take me adrift
Even if in some galely mist
Where something forbidden lie
Where my eyes can fully pry
Into this conception of yearning
This ultimate hope of earning

But I kissed her ghostly face
My heart lost in a place
And the whispery tundra night
Brought a wind in flight
And her face in it erased
And in loneliness my heart encased.