Written by: Shahana Jackson

Who would have thought the essence of a women would intoxicate me?
Long hair, beautiful eyes, dimples, lips, so passionate, yummy thighs.
I'd have to say that if she's a prize than you deserve to win her. 
And for all those people saying that I'm living in sin, I'll introduce you to a bad
female that might make you think again. 

You see once I got over the arkwardness of the situation I no longer
let my emotions cage me in. 

Yes she's beautiful, am I supposed to be afraid to say it? 
Were all living our lives a tad bit shady. I never pull down the blinds
if you don't wanna see me with a female than cover you eyes. 
Were all grown and I refuse to allow you to parental control
what a do with my lips, my body, my heart or mind.

I refuse to listen when you tell me that I'm living wrong. 
Hold up what a minute! Can we discuss this in my living room? 
If I get a little bit closer will you swing your cross at me 
or shoot a platoon? If this is your mind state than 
if you ask me were all doomed.

 I plan to enjoy my life
I don't know what your gonna tell logistics when they
start digging out a hole and making space for you tomb. 
All I know is that I will taste life. Stick my whole tongue 
in it too. Cause honestly life is too short to worry about
what you would do...