Written by: elijah prophet

    each awakening day i yearn to know how she is
throughout my day my thoughts are filled with her off and on.
she reminds me of this sweet and innocent fawn and trust
   that i will not lead her astray.

whatever i ask of her she will and she tells me what i need to know
  and then she tells me what i don't need to know.
     my heart skips for joy each moment i spend with her.
if i only had one moment to spend on this earth to love someone
  i would want to spend it loving her, whom my soul loveth.

   i think i love her and i am falling in love with her.  she merely smiles
and say i think of you more and more each day.  what a new joy i
  am bless by God Almighty with this day.           yes i think i am falling
in love with her(MISS R.H.)