Dragon and the Shadow

Written by: David deHaas

The music brings a sinister light upon the plain.
The children all scream in fear, and the parents all cower before his presence.
A villain so great he brings armies of death, upon the unforeseen eyes, their fates have
already been decided.

Then a Hero confronts the shadows. Laughter shades the trees a dark purple hue, the
flowers wither away.
The new hope steps forward and prepares his brilliant style of doom, it is only humor in
the eyes of the evil, and hopelessness for the innocent.
They strike, blood sprays across the stone.
The shadow raises to a height so oblivious to reality, a smile appears, and the hero is dead.
Everything is lost as the man who was once a brother sets his sights on the hundreds of
piercing eyes.

And then a child steps up from the crowd, and his face meets with a smile.

The child disappears.

Shadows over the trees vanish, and safety is restored.
High above the once hardened battle field lies a new one. The child was no longer a child,
in fact never was.
Trickery, a vessel hiding the true identity, the hero from a moments before. Now a massive
dragon with breath of fire and wings as long as the highest pine.
The true battle is up in the clouds, where the all mighty may watch the chaos.
In the end they are both destroyed.