Happy Birthday, Twins

Written by: Yolaine Armitage

Smile, for today is your birthday again,
With a wish and gifts, and love to send,
On a special day to celebrate with friends.

Both of you are twins who were born on this day,
Quite young at heart, of ladies who like to play!
In days of growing up, they both were connected,
For moments of their lives, they are protected!

Identical twins, as they can be different too,
One is three minutes older, the other is no fool
Although, she has a way, to love you, too!
Of being two different ones, they both will love you!

Would you tell the difference if you'd see them too,
With a personality of fun, they seem to be kool
All loving, shyness, and one is different than the other,
But they are twins, who grew up with a younger brother!