Let the pieces fall

Written by: Shahana Jackson

Damn. I ask myself everyday how things ended up like this... 
How did I go from going to you for guidance to
wanting to kiss your lips... 
Did this infatuation already exsist?
Was it bubbling underneath the surface and I didn't notice it? 
Sometimes I wish things could go back to normal. 
A lot of times I'm glad this is where we are now ...

Where are we headed? "I don't know."
All I know is I have my metrocard out. 
I think your mission is to drive me insane 
if so I'm telling you it's working...
I don't know what color to paint this situation 
but it's definitely not purple. If it were purple
it would be perfect. 

I wanna become a burgular and steal you away. 
Your a picasso painting even on a dull day. 
With me it's so much more than the psysical. Sure
your apple is beating out my pistachio cravings 
but it's you being "you" that has got me soaked.

The book loving, artist, that has figured me out
so easily even though I'm layered like an onion.
Just like those signitures you copy so easy you
almost always know what to say. I don't know
whether this is hell on earth or heaven. 

Disaster is all around us. Mirrors breaking, 
black cats roaming, and people walking under latters. 
But my legs get weak when your around... 
Right now so none of that matters.

I'm gonna let the pieces fall where they may
and maybe the mess we leave won't be too 
dirty and I can use soap and lather it away.