My Love Letter to You

Written by: Yolaine Armitage

I can only offer my heart through this letter
Hopefully, our love will get much better!
We are separated by many miles away,
and I want you to know, how much I will pray!

I cherish every thought of you while I'm here,
because you are the most man I adore,
that has been special to me, cause I have no fear!
Hope you will feel the same, as you are, so dear.

I prize all of the memories of us to be,
and I live for you and hope you can see!
My love for you is bountiful and so free,
because of my true love , it's all of me!

How my love for you is much immeasurable too,
Can you become better to heal as I am with you?
I live for the day when our physical being is soon to be real,
and despite the miles between us, my love is strong,
for you and how I can feel.