My moods

Written by: Shahana Jackson

I can be...


Happy when my check direct deposits every friday 
Money talks more than love does sometimes. 
I'll be happy when love evetually does land 
in my lap. As of right now I'm in the pursuit of it.... 

Annoyed when people don't understand me. 
When they tell me just give it sometime.
Annoyed when my heart doesn't listen
to my brain and my brain doesn't listen to
my reproductive system. 

Sad when I think about being alone. 
Even sadder knowing that I would never settle. 
Hoping that I don't end up alone with two cats.
I cry because of the pain of being hurt.
I don't trust anyone to not do that deed.
What is a beating hurt if it does not bleed? 

Horny almost everyday. Relief comes in cycles.
The problem is that it couldn't just be anyone
I lay down with. Just like it couldn't be just anyone 
that I kiss. When I choose, I make love over and over 
again to that one person. Learning each inch, finding new surprises
along the way. Damn I'm horny. 

Lonley because I don't want to be alone. I don't think anybody does.
Most times my sadness comes from late nights and just me and
my thoughts wishing I was lying in bed with someone. 

Hungry. I'm hungry for life like crazy. I'd bite the whole world 
up if I could. My cravings, needs, desires and goals are all wrapped up 
like a snack wrap. I lick my lips, and taste everything....