Loving You, Always

Written by: Yolaine Armitage

He was charming and loving with a heart of gold,
but my heart was not with him, because it was cold.
I loved him from the first day we met and talked together,
and I knew, he could not love me, forever!
Many days, I dreamed of him and how I could love him too,
for a dream of passion, and a moment to be with you!
How could I find a way, to love a man who doesn't love me?
Or can this be a fantasy of love or a future to see?
My hopes and dreams will be of him to last forever,
and hoping, he will call me to say we'll be together.
Soon, I will be his wife and hopefully he will ask me,
and travel with him, to a beautiful country to see!
I pray every night for us to be together soon,
on a beautiful night, with a wish on a full moon.
I will always think of him and keep him in my thoughts,
to say "I love you", and never be apart.