The Shame of it all

Written by: Richard Pickett

Sometimes I wonder of
our constitutional might
some things that we do
be wrong or be right

This week will make history
no doubt it's a fact,
In burning the Koran
such a radical act

The man says he's a Christian
wants us to believe,
that Islam is evil
The Koran does deceive

He calls Muslim all fanatics
Come on man get a grip,
He's never read the Koran
He just shoots from the hip

Hate, he says comes from Muslims
Look at 9/11 " I say"
3000 innocent Christians
That died on that day

Let me say this to you Pastor
Plain as the nose on your face,
Your kind of remembrance
In this World HAS NO PLACE

We Christians should take great offense to what is going to take place in Orlando Fla.
on 9/11/10. I for one do......