remember that day??

Written by: michael hornschuch

Heavenly father full of grace,
remember that day? not so far back

yes where I fell to my knees and asked you into my life?
I know, who'd of thought a wretch like me would come groveling home to such a magnificent 
Well, I wanted to thank you for keeping up your end of the bargain.
Remember? I asked you to show me a miracle each day, and I'd live each day like it was my 
first and my last?

I know I've not always kept my end of the deal, but I know your with me each day that I 
wake. And each night that I lay, beside my wife and the dog, you remind me of your grace.

Lord I know you are here with me right now. What a warmth in my soul, deep, deep down.
This life I know, what a grand plan you had....people often ask if I regret my past.

This is what I say,

I had to suffer what I did, God had a plan for me. I know today, what true joy is, because 
I've rose from a life of bleak darkness and misery. To know joy, some must experience 
complete and utter collapse.

Today you give me direction to follow, to help, to serve, for those who've suffered, and I 
thank you for keeping me humble and meek.