An Almost Endless Night

Written by: Ryland Matthews

Something stirring, twisting, darkening in my mind
I wake to see myself through the faded windows of time

Still in this place of cold metal and stone
For too long now it seems that’s all I have ever known

So now I lie down and wait for tomorrow’s next big fight
Knowing in my heart an end to an Almost Endless Night

Crowded, Shrouded faces everywhere
Eyes growing cold from nothing left to share

Shackled down by the weight of their own enormity
Without Grace from the one their souls twist to deformity

But to those that believe a new dawn springs light
And an endowment of strength to challenge this Almost Endless Night

For a life unbecoming a man such as me.
A family awaits him patiently to see what he will be.

No longer wishing the road that desire brought him down.
Wants of the flesh give way to Gods, a harder road is found

A multitude of apologies never uttered to this plight
And never again shall I go down into this almost endless night

Exiting, vexing my mind screams freedom
In my minds eye I see the banner of Gods kingdom

Knowing that now all the prophesies ring true
Of freeing all the captives, the door I go through

Will take me now from this lands painful blight
And enter me now into the Sun of his never ending light.