Written by: Ryland Matthews


You are my rock, my foundation.
That solid place where I stand.

You are my anchor of hope that I cling
To in my world of shifting sand.

Entrenched in this war that I call my life
Where my mind is not my own.

You brought order to this chaos inside of me 
Where once a nightmare had grown.

Mother is her name, a sacred thing that we take for granted
Every single day.
Mother is her name, no matter the cost or sacrifice
For her children she will pay.

She’s seen loss and she’s seen sorrow
But this is her only care.

To lessen the burden that’s placed on her children
To take the cross they bare.

Mother of one, mother of billions
She feels the pain of every tear.

With the brush of her hand and a smile
She sets aside all of my fear.

I thank you for being that person you are,
That guiding light to me.

No one else has your place in my heart, 
you’re the beacon on the shore I see.

I open my eyes on a new day, and finally know 
Where I belong.

It’s just another blessing you’ve given me
As you taught me right from wrong