Smaller by name, huge by heart

Written by: Edward Orozco

Let the winds of the earth chant of our love, for it is the sun that witnessed what we were
Feel the rain upon your soul, that it may taste life once again
Press your head firmly on my bossom that I may protect you in the days to come
It was your smile that kept me going, your heart that kept on calling me
And today I can still say I love you, always and forver shall I
I still weep, yet i realize that tomorrow the sun too shall rise
Only then can I see the colors of the world, that of which I learned to see in your eyes
A beauty far from what the common eye will ever see
I can still feel your lips on me, your breath soothing my back
Will this fire ever cease to be, and I too will still love thee
Forever more, my heart jumps to meet the talk of your memory and there you are still
Deep in who I am, and will ever be
A part of you stays with me, and until my death it shall
Along your side I learned how of love and how to love
Now here I go in search of whom I really am, Yet a silent scene you no longer are in my days
Yet my verse is in your soul, and therefore I am too
I never believed in magic until I held you
You were the spark the lit my eyes
The warmth that kept me from all cold and evil
Always in your heart, and in my soul the fire burns of Darkpoet and Alleypoe