Friends Amongst Friends

Written by: marymkilker marymkilker

It is a saluting tale of two.
One is you and one is me.
Friends amongst friends a tale to be true.
We are of the Aries sign.

Those of which are know to be boastful.
The expressions of you are sent through your music and voice, and mine are through the 
realms of my writings.
For knowledge has seen us through that of which is greater in measure of friendship that 
will stand through the test of time.

If we were positioned within a line, you at your end and I at mine, it is those positioned 
between us that is protected by the aries sign.
For walls of steal would melt like ice if a battle of battles was against us.

For friends amongst friends are you and I.
The challenges are many and battles are few.
It could be years and relationships that will keep us apart except for the memories we carry 
in our hearts.

So, give it a gender of a physical kind.
A love of friends is that of which is vivid within our minds.
Upon this day, a wish is sent your way with loving-kindness in a favorableplay.

There are many to follow in paths in which we lead, friends amongst friends shall never need 
to be redeemed.