"Look Me In The Eyes, Tell Me How Many I Killed"

Written by: Derek Ortiz

Come on, shut up already, you stand clear to confusion, not of my business, i multiply
myself to vanquish, you pray to god for power and love? I pray to god for my life to be
brought to live, don't tell me you said slave, I don't believe your kind of lie, so clear
now that you taken all from us, myself and my only self, blood stood tall to breath lies,
i can still sense you here but i can't see you, i smell your perfume, but i can't see you,
like a ghost you came in im sure of, you lied to us all, took our loved one's, left us in
ruins and walk away like a victor! I refuse! I will stand strong too, this is my fight, i
don't need a man to help me when im the only men who lost it all, partner in crime we all
been fighting trought, your not gonna tell me another lie, nevertheless i will stand to my
ground and won't let go of their rotten corpses, they could be dead now, but i will keep
'em there for you to see what you did, her face is rot, smells like the hell once brought
upon your soul and feel's like no more soldier will stand to die here, no sense fall, no
sense fail, i can still feel you here but i can't see you, so i must be dead to see? Then
with this bullet i will garanty my eye's one last fall upon your dirty soul, massacre, i
will to your past, im not the toy you were told to play with, im the man who will disobey
god to destroy who you are!