Written by: Louis Borgo

"Who got style more then son do"
the infamous quote from nas, that symbol style tast,favor and pattern for
word word.

That the different between a geek and nerd,
must be that tape around middle of glass

Like turmoil to heartless, 
a patch and dispatch to well uncircumstance of close contact

Like the word latin in dic mean dicitionary to found, 
what was lost or coming in terms of being found of glory,
 creating which could be in fact be stunting in equivalnet,
 or just the word "the" meaning god the  meaning of vocubulary

It measure the equivalent toa squastailt,
 think clash of a titan words could be used i better fiction in ryhme or fashion vocubulary 
could chance or shape word with one meaning our catch phrase,
 "are you with me", "do you feel me", yes sir", and "you going love that.

Shape the world dont let shape you build on vocubulary!!