The Incumbant

Written by: Wayne Sapp

So nice of you to mention 
from your lofty Bully Pulpit
the bravery and sacrifice
of honor driven men.
Spewing verbose platitudes 
that smell of self inclusion,
when pack straps, boots, and pistol belts
have never chaffed your skin.

The microphone before you there
will magnify your ego;
with bold, practiced inflection
you'll dispense your puffery.
Styled and dyed, your hair was 
never sweat or helmet flattened,
your suit is by Brooks Brothers
and your tie is by committee.

You segregate your audience
and know them before speaking,
a patriot for veterans,
fear monger for the weak.
Quote the bible for the clergy;
they want to hear you pray,
and praise the second amendment
when you address the N. R. A.

Tell the minions "God will guide you,"
keep in step the righteous;
and rants against "entitlements"
plays well in wealthy homes.
Your conjured Muslim bogey men
sell billion dollar bombers;
while at the local high school
there's a bake sale to buy books.