IF EVER??????????

Written by: Jesu Johnson

Imagine for a brief moment in time,
a reflection of life, itself redefined.

What if you never could sense, 
the wonder of another's touch???

Nor the experience of being,
or giving and receiving,
someone else's love????

Nor the sound of universal sound,
music to your ears,
foot tapping,
hands clapping,
voice rappin' to a sweet melody,
for every mood, every event,

without cause, 
just relent.

What if you never felt a gentle breeze,
blowing, dancing against your face???
followed by the warmness of the sun's rays,
simply chasing the breeze and your blues away!!!

If ever you imagine being without,
the basic things we all seem to claim is ours ,
without class dignity,
nor style.

would it be worthwhile???????