Written by: rinki nandy

Will I see you again when I lie?,
my eyes taking a picture before I die,
in my heart and soul would you reside?,
your enigmatic power and pure delight,
feel again the anger after the fright,
will you look for me when out of sight,
create uncertainty and arise,
uneasiness and heights,
of fear and truth glorified,
see the purpose signified,
my imagination notified,
a morose life identified,
your magic and force verified,
powerless I am then why my soul fights,
will you destroy if I ignore and testify?,
against your light and gratify,
your entity and power ramified,
into a belief for the mummified,
is it your anguish or detest?,
are you bluish when I protest?,
am I foolish to fight the greatest?,
have you awaited my renascence?,
will you be there in the event of my evanescence?,
in the celebration of the termination of my existence.