Spirit Ride

Written by: Scarlett Sepulvado Anderson

Off on a Spirit Ride with me my dear
Over the heavens where there is no fear
Now that you have passed through my heart
Straight to my core and that central part
There wherever I go and whatever I see
My Spirit travels will have you with me
As I yearn for us to take the Spirit Ride
To unseen worlds There on the other side

Wandering about from here to There
Souls entwined without at all a care
Capturing all that we can possibly see
Going about dimensional places so free
With wondrous happenings all around
Whilst music plays with perfection to sound

Nether lands that are beyond compare
As we traverse across time up in the air
Brilliant arrays of many colors abound
And our feet never have to touch the ground
Traveling There through space and time
Whilst everything flows in perfect rhyme

Two beams reflecting One from star to star
As we take the Spirit Ride to places afar
Sliding along the intense reflections of light
While holding onto each other so very tight
Visiting vast zones along the adventurous way
Whilst in other galaxies we skip and play

After a period of time being where we went
We're left breathless, awestruck and spent
As we drift down back to our present state
Still bound together along the lines of fate
Left with reflections of Outer Limits far and wide
Whilst we ran together on the Spirit Ride