My EmOCEANs...

Written by: morvarid farjadi

Sometimes it gets to be too much, holding it all in.
Want to cry but I can't, so I grab me a pen.
The ink is the stream of tears I choose to imprison,
the word flow is the current of my very essence.
If you wade in my pools you are liable to sink
but if I feel you can swim, I might allow you to drink.
Will you be able to float through my complex oceans,
or drown yourself in the waves of my emotions?

Will you shower in the water of turbulence in preparation?
Try and capture in your grasp the nature of my notion?
Can you splash in the puddles of my pain, juices of my ambition?
I can only trust you if you come to the realization;
I am the current, I have been designated,
I flow like the tide angry or smooth never hesitating.
Everywhere you are but never a specific location.

I can't be contained and I can't be denied
But if you simply seek you will always find
My genorous current will never leave you dry.
I am the water that birthed the tides.