Written by: Elaine Randolph


By: Elaine Randolph nee. Moreino

Where are you my love today
Who stays out of my reach?
I dream about the moonlit nights
We spent down by the beach.

Those happy years we shared together,
Wrapped in melody;
As time goes by and thoughts of you,
Make life a rhapsody.

And through the troubles in this world,
The grief, the pain and woe;
The rapture of my burning love,
Is a shield of Heaven’s glow.

The many miles that part us, Love
To me are but a dream;
And as the years go slowly by,
My love flows like a stream.

When you said, “Auf wiedersehen,
This is not goodbye”;
You sadly turned and walked away,
I don’t know where or why.

I miss you so my only love,
Why did you go away?
I’ve waited for so many years,
I’ll wait for you today.

Will I ever see your face
And hear your voice again?
I hope with all my heart and soul,
My prayer is not in vain.

And when “O, Love!” I call at last,
“I go now to my rest,”
Spare me just one moment more,
And hold me to your breast.

I hear your heart beat one with mine,
I dearly bless the dawn;
The birth of my eternal love,
My life, My Dearest One.

Copyright © Elaine Randolph 2009