Passionate eyes tell a story

Written by: christie mills

I watch you silently.
Indulging in the heart felt emotions that quake within my heart.
A blanket of peace covers me.
Your eyes are as detailed as a book; Revealing the climax of the day.
The expression on your face is enticing. 
The touch of your finger tips relay a quiet message,
 that pulses through out my body.
A passionate, yet delicate kiss engulfs our surroundings;
Erasing all but the two of us.
For just a moment our souls have entwined.
No longer two but one.
Our hearts race.
Chills run up and down my spine,
Leaving tracks of goose bumps on my arms.
The hormone levels are hot enough to top off a thermometer.
The music, the dancing, the orgasmic combination convulses through out my veins.
Leaving me temporarily paralyzed!
Which leaves us ending another chapter with an exclamation.